Postal Codes

The Post Code is used to define the routing and sorting of mail, for a specified address.
Postal codes for a physical address, consists of 4 characters
2 alpha characters, space and 2 numeric characters
Example  FL 02
The alpha characters identify the sub post office delivery point, while the numeric characters represent a particular route, delivered by a postman.
In the above example, the mail is destined for delivery from  the Flatts Post Office, by the postman who delivers mail to Route 2.
Postal codes for a P.O. Box, consists of 4 characters
2 alpha characters, space and 2  alpha characters
Example  HM HX 
The first 2 letters identify the sub post office where the delivery point is located, whilst the second 2 characters represent the section in the office, where of the post box is stationed.  
In the the above example, the mail is destined for delivery to the General Post Office, HX box section.

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